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Posted by Creator-Sama - December 28th, 2012

Yeah, so (I start every post with "yeah") I'm late in this announcement, but better late than never! (And giving how spazzy my brain usually is, "never" is entirely possible about 78% of the time).

Well, here it is: I (finally) posted my Pokemon Art Gallery game/flash/widget/thingamabob!!!

...ok so I have NO idea what category this actually falls under.

ANYWAY!!! The contest is open for all who want to participate, and it will remain open until further notice.... which means either

A) I get tired of it and close it
B) I get all the winning slots filled
C) Both. I get bored of it and wait for at least one of each slot to fill.

Either way, you get something nifty for winning!! Yay prizes!! :D

NOTE: If you have a problem with the prizes or would like to suggest a new one, let me know! ALL input on this is appreciated and loved. ^w^

Also, follow me on Twitter to keep up with my generalized crazinesses and random insane babble!! @CreatorSama needs more followers!!! D:


Posted by Creator-Sama - July 19th, 2012

Guess what? I'm making something!!!! :D

Well, perhaps "made" is a better word for it.

I'm in the final stages of touching up an art gallery for the little pokemon doodles I've done in my sketchbooks. Now you get to see what it looks like before I digitize it!

And if you all like it enough, I'll make one for my Gurren Lagann and/or Pucca doodles! I like doodling. x3

Everybody cross your fingers and hope it gets past judgement!! *looks hopefully at the one lone guy standing in the room watching*

Posted by Creator-Sama - February 24th, 2012

It seems my animation tests didn't get enough votes to make it past the judgement stage. TT^TT *sadness all around*

Oh well. I'll just try again with something else. Maybe submit a storyboard of the short I'm doing. Or a buttons test. Yeah I think I'll do that. Make something with buttons that lead to short little thingies or play sounds or something.

I only submit these tests so I can get more familiar with flash and so I can give you a little taste of what I can do. And to learn coding. No really. I suck at coding. I've tried to learn PHP, Javascript, and the higher flash coding Actionscript 3.0. No luck. (I'm lucky I can use Actionscript 2.0 at all.) I can use X/HTML, but only if I have a list of tags in front of me. I'm such a spaz I'm always forgetting stuff. xP

But that's off-topic. The point is, I'm still working on stuff and I will continue to update as I finish stuff.... or when videogames decide to stop hiijacking my life and actually let me DO something. >m<#

I'll get to it..... EEEEEVEEEENTUALLYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
~Jennifer "Creator-Sama" Faultner

PS: Keep an eye on my page for my sporadic updates so you can vote on them!! Votes make me happy and encourage me to do more actual animating!! :D

Posted by Creator-Sama - February 12th, 2012

Heya folks! Glad to see you poking around my page! Right now, and for the forseeable future, updates shall be few and far between for the following reasons:

1) My internet access is extremely limited. Mostly due to the fact that I don't really GET internet at my place, and can't afford it. All I get is the city's crappy free wifi, which seems to hate screens. (screen door, screen windows, etc.) So I get next to nothing indoors and have to go outside (in the freezing cold] to get any real access at all, as limited and slow as it may be. Either that or I visit my mom's to kipe [borrow/steal] hers.

2) I am a professional procrastinator. I start projects and lose interest in them and move on.... which explains the dozen-or-so incomplete flash files I have floating around on my hard drive. I really DO try though!! I'll get back to them, I swear!! .....eventually....

3) Videogames have eaten my life and refuse to give it back. I'm currently addicted to a text MMORPG [a.k.a. "MUD"] called Aardwolf. I like it because it uses such a small amount of bandwidth that I can actually play it indoors on my 2-3 bar wifi connection! Up all night MUDDING and no freezing my naughty bits off!! :3

So for now, I'm updating a couple things and uploading a few older animation tests. I'm also working on a very short cartoon for my uncle, which I plan to submit for your viewing pleasure as soon as it's finished and I can get a half-decent connection.

Here's hoping my creativity lasts!!!