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All I can think to say is: Behold The Power.... OF CHEESE.

Which actually sums up this flash quite well! :D

Butzbo responds:

CHEESE is definitively one of the most unpredictably powerful forces of the Universe! ;)

My aunt taught me to say "Twenty bucks"... or so I'm told.

I wanna teach my possible nieces/nephews how to say nonsense like "oh burrito!", "moon bunny" and "Leslie Nielson" instead of cursing, and the phrase "I'm gonna marry ___" should always be filled in with a fictional character. >:)

And I will also teach them of Doctor Who. Because Tardis.


Now we need to find it and our pollution problems will be OVER!!!

Cute flash there, monkeyman! 0u0 d

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Interesting.... you should probably mention the controls though. I thought I could interact with the picture. I tried for about 10 minutes before realizing I could only look. Points off for that.

And Points off for how quickly you can beat the game after finding the right thing to ask about.


Oh. A purely fuchsia background. Could you have picked a MORE blinding color to punish those with ad blockers? *eye twitch*

The graphics are huge sprites.... good thing I've worked with them before or I'd have had NO bloody idea what I was looking at! And even THEN I'm STILL having trouble telling what's what.

Ok. Graphics aside, What's with the lvl select? It makes NO sense Whatsoever. An I picking a hard level? Is THIS lvl 1? Why is there only one yellow level? I'm going to guess that's the BOSS level given that it's so much harder than the red ones. red background with little red levels and one big yellow boss lvl? Yeah. Human nature says "Click the obvious one first". THat would be the YELLOW BOSS LEVEL!!! >m<

And the shooting is atrocious!! Lag in the firing time, doesn't hit anywhere NEAR where I clicked, and I have NO idea what the point is of having a randomly neon-colored crosshairs appear for 1.2 seconds if my laster isn't even gonna HIT it!

Sorry dude, but 0/5.

JadePyrus responds:

Oh fantastic a soul crushing review! :D

FIXED in V1.01 - The background has been changed to black to match your heart! :D

They are not imported sprites they are vector movieclips! If you hate retro gaming that is your opinion! I have opinions as well! I like pixels! I make pixel games! Also who can't understand pixel art? Have we not played Super Mario? I must be getting too old! :D

FIXED in V1.01 - The text on the Alert selection panel has been altered to indicate a level and given a clearer difficulty rating!

You fire exactly where you click! Its math brah! Angles and velocities! :D
But to be nice...

FIXED in V1.01 - Lowered the delay its now three times faster! Enjoy!

You're atrocious! Sorry bro but 0/5 on your review...
Who gives a zero rating? Are you the Gordon Ramsey of Game Design? In the words of Mister Ramsey "Piss Off!"

Haha!! I like the mousie's little twitching eye when the cheese falls off screen. Reminds me of that squirrel from Ice Age.

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This is fabulous! So what if the voice isn't 'accurate'? Neither is Abridged Nappa, but people LOVE him! (Vegeta sounded pretty close, I'll admit.)
It's clear you enjoyed doing this, I can hear the smile in your voices.
I've loved this clip for YEARS and still listen to it sometimes to brighten my day.
Don't let anyone discourage you from what you want to do! Practice makes perfect.

Besides, it's not the ability to copy voices that's important, it's the ability to ACT. It's called Voice ACTING for a reason, and you're doing just fine.

Vic Mignogna is a great actor, but can only do HIS voice when he does a role. And he's still loved.

Go for it, Nick! *cheers*

First impression: Smeagol is a zombie? Why does he have brains?

A few seconds later it kicked in. I think that was the best voice out of them all though. Kudos! Your Smeagol gets a 5 out of.... of......... Precioussssss!!!!!!

They sound like they're snorting crack between each line. xD

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