Entry #4

I blame laziness and my ADD fo... SQUIRREL!!!

2012-12-28 19:19:53 by Creator-Sama

Yeah, so (I start every post with "yeah") I'm late in this announcement, but better late than never! (And giving how spazzy my brain usually is, "never" is entirely possible about 78% of the time).

Well, here it is: I (finally) posted my Pokemon Art Gallery game/flash/widget/thingamabob!!!

...ok so I have NO idea what category this actually falls under.

ANYWAY!!! The contest is open for all who want to participate, and it will remain open until further notice.... which means either

A) I get tired of it and close it
B) I get all the winning slots filled
C) Both. I get bored of it and wait for at least one of each slot to fill.

Either way, you get something nifty for winning!! Yay prizes!! :D

NOTE: If you have a problem with the prizes or would like to suggest a new one, let me know! ALL input on this is appreciated and loved. ^w^

Also, follow me on Twitter to keep up with my generalized crazinesses and random insane babble!! @CreatorSama needs more followers!!! D:



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